An Update from Pam in Greece

Hello Everyone,
I frequently feel very blessed to be here and it is more than I have imagined.  As said frequently before, the need is huge and thank you to those who have helped me with Colour Regos, shopping, prayer or financial donations. . . each is a necessity and I can’t express to you what it means to the people on the other end of the blessing….
I love it here and am still helping wherever the need is.
To think a year ago for my 40th, I was raising funds and awareness in order to prepare for this journey… it is a blessing to be here…thank you again.
I have been posting lots of photos and activities I have been doing on facebook, so if we are not friends, look me up!
I am more than happy to receive personal emails and to answer any questions…. don’t think I am too busy for that, I would love to stay in touch with each of you!
My treasure list:
1. the first time each one of the girls reached out to hold my hand
2. to see their hearts transform as we show them unconditional love
3. witnessing each of them experiencing Grace and love… and then reciprocating it to others
4. the laughs and joking…..and singing and dancing
5. the pillow fights…of course NOT instigated by yours truly
6. teaching them confidence and seeing it outworked in their daily lives
7. using no words to express true pure, beautiful emotion…. priceless
8. seeing their identities develop as they become more sure of themselves
9. helping them develop their gifts and talents, and sometimes discover them
10. the smiles, love and laughter that fills the house…. brings me to tears to be able to be a part of.
All my love,
PS please continue to pray- as I actually feel God’s presence and protection when in different situations….