A tree by the water

The psalms are about Worship. Songs that tell of God’s glory, works, and power. Some of these songs call for justice in a world that is broken. Some are a cry for mercy from a brutalized heart.

The first of these, quite obviously known as “Psalm 1,” paints a picture of a tree planted by the water.

It compares a tree whose roots dig deep into moist, rich soil, to a wheat plant that is dried out by the sun and the wind. It says the man who digs his roots down deep into God’s word, worship, and prayer is like the tree by the water. But those who don’t have that foundation, whose foundation is selfishness, entertainment, shallow pleasures – well, they have shallow roots. They will dry out.

It is worth considering for a moment what are we investing in? Consider where you spend your time, money and energy. This is what you are investing in. This is the legacy you are leaving, that’s where your roots go.

If you find that your roots are not not where you would like, you are free to repent. Jesus is the proof of God’s mercy and grace. Jesus is all about restoration.

Come to the streams of water and find restoration to dig your roots down deep.