A Tale of Two Carepoints

When I was in Ethiopia, I visited two places. Well, honestly, I visited several, but I want to tell you about two of them.

The first was Jemo. It really was the first. The first site our team visited. We were a bit overwhelmed. We were new to the culture and the country, and almost immediately we were playing with these awesome kids who were funny, and sweet, and at the same time brought tears of hurt to my eyes.

They were beautiful, but they were malnourished. They wore tattered clothes and played in a dust field. They were trying to go to school, but the river that floods during the rainy season took some of their lives. Food was prepared outdoors with wooden tools. The church was trying to reach its community which was full of Muslims, but was unable to provide a great deal of tangible help.

The other was Kind Hearts. The kids wore uniforms. They had a playground. There was grass. A well was almost finished which would provide enough water for the entire surrounding community. There was a school onsite. Joy was abundant. The kids were healthy. They had good food and a kitchen.

I kept thinking, how can Jemo look like Kind Hearts? What can we do to help raise them up out of what could only be called hand to mouth lifestyle and give them hope. How can we help their community see what the community around Kind Hearts sees? That the church is the most powerfully life changing force in the community!

The answer was partnership. Our church partnered with Jemo in order to change their lives, their community, and I believe with all my heart – our lives and our community.

Today I am thrilled that we are sending not only sponsorship dollars to Jemo to help with basic food, education, and healthcare, but we are also sending more that $7,000 to help them with a nutrition fund.

I am not sure yet exactly what can be done with this money, it will depend on how much more we can raise in the next two weeks, but I know it can go a long way. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this church and this community is on its way to being more like kind hearts.

Right Now, and I mean RIGHT NOW, there is a matching grant that will double any investment made to Jemo. If you want to do that last minute Christmas shopping, please consider giving a donation to the wonderful people at Jemo and watching it double.

Tell someone that instead of giving them yet another cheap gift, you sent 10 dollars to help provide a sustainable nutrition project at a church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You will both feel better about giving the gift of hope to people who need it more than your aunt needs another Christmas ornament.

Go here to donate now. If you act right away, your gift will be doubled.