A New Year’s Challenge from Patty M.

all things possible in lights

by Patty M. – YWAM Missionary

It was refreshing to sit at my brother’s house and watch my three and five year old nieces open their Christmas gifts. Why? Because it was simple like I used to remember. Each girl had one gift from their parents and a combined gift together. The girls treasured their gifts and didn’t look for what was next. Actually one gift hadn’t arrived in the mail yet, so when the girls mother said, “I’m sorry Honey, your gift didn’t come in the mail yet,” her five-year-old daughter replied, “That’s ok mom, I can wait till next Christmas.” Wow!

Fast forward to a couple of hours later while I was watching the news on TV. I was reminded of my niece’s attitude when I listened to people crying and some outraged because their Christmas packages hadn’t arrived on time. Yes, these were adults.

2014 is a great year to simplify our lives and remember what truly is important. I believe many people feel the same way, but it will take determination and will power to change things especially for those younger people who haven’t ever known the simple life. The good news is with Christ all things are possible.

Bless you and thank you for standing with me in this ministry to people who are experiencing life changing ways as they learn who they are in Christ and learn to serve others in various capacities.