2 Minutes In Ezra – Why YHWH matters

Ezra 7:6 says, “…for the hand of YHWH, his God was upon him.”

Its also called the tetragrammaton.  Four consonants that indicate the name of God.   It has no vowels because the ancient hebrews (like the Jewish people today) did not pronounce it out of reverence.  So we don’t actually know how to say it.  The good money however is on Yahweh.

Here is what is important.  The name, meaning “I am who I am” is the name that God used when he first revealed himself to his people. When he did that (with Moses at the burning bush) he was demonstrating his pursuing love, his faithfulness, and his deep grace.  By calling himself “I am who I am” God was telling them that he loves his people, he pursues his people passionately, and that he never changes.

Which means to you and I right now that if you are God’s he is pursuing you and he will never change.  Take comfort in that reality.  Do you feel lonely?  scared?  abandoned?

There is a God.  He came to be one of us in Jesus, he died, he rose.  And if you are his he will never ever ever stop chasing after you.