2 minutes in Esther: The importance of stepping up

Last night Lyra and I watched Ted talk about slavery as it exists in the world today.  It is below if you are interested.

I was left with one question, “what can I do?”

One common default when learning about a need in our church, community, or world is to think “someone needs to do something about that.”  Esther didn’t default.  She did something.  If we learn nothing else from leaders like Esther, I hope we will learn that when we see a need we should step up.

Stop waiting on “more equipped people.”  Step up.  Esther was not ready for the call of God on her life! She had made some questionable decisions and she had every reason to say (like many of us) “God doesn’t want me to help.”

She stepped up to the plate and took a swing, knowing it might kill her.

What need is God calling you to step into?  God has something for you.  Will you join him where he is working?  If you need help  learning what God wants from you, let me know I would love to help.

Here is an unrelated video about slavery.