2 minutes in Ezra: The importance of Worship

A couple of Days ago you might have read about the reality that we are made to worship.   I think its true that we were made for it, but why is it important?

Worship is important for two reasons.

First, worship is what God rightfully deserves.  He made us, and frankly has the right to require anything of us that he wants.  He rescues us from sin, death, and even ourselves through the cross.  It’s crazy not to bring him our adoration!  Refusing him worship is like if someone wrote you a check for a billion dollars, you cashed it, and then spit on his face.  Silly!

Second, worship feeds our hungry souls.  We looked at Augustine’s quote “You have made us for yourself, God, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.”  You have a restless heart.  Don’t tell me you don’t, because you are a human being and all of us want to find satisfaction in things.  God is the highest satisfaction your heart can ever find.  You worship him for yourself.

Take a few minutes and pray and worship God.  Thank him for his goodness to you.  He deserves it and you could always use it.