2 mins in Esther: God redeems the messes we make

I can’t help but think about the life choices Esther and Mordecai had made before it was time for them to “Step up.”  If you are a traditional conservative Christian you might look at Esther and say she should have never even been involved with her husband.  If you are a bit more progressive you might celebrate her freedom from social and religious barriers in her life choices.

You would be wrong either way.

She was taking the easy way out in her marriage.  She went for the comfortable life and she used her sexuality to do it.  In the modern west we call people who make similar choices “high class escorts.” And I detect a hint of dissatisfaction with her life when she admits she hasn’t even seen her husband in a month.  This is no happy life.  Sexual freedom rarely translates into fulfillment.

And yet, God was faithful to her.  She was married to exactly the right man, because it was her husband who would save the jews.

The story only makes sense when we understand that God redeems our own human failures, our brokenness, our lousy choices, and he doesn’t give up.  You are never so messed up that God can’t use you right where you are.  Do you believe that?